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Inspired Thinking, LLC

Imagine. Dream. Transform


"Beauty Meets Business was a powerful fun event. It wasn't just an event to learn more about beauty and business. It was a great and powerful networking event at that. I wasn't intending to really make a connection so strong that day but one of my connections happened to attend 2 of my events from that event. It also had to do with what can I do for them. Help someone first and than reap the rewards. I highly recommend attending their next event."

--- Dawn Stebbing

Image Consultant

Image Evolution

“On Sunday September 9 2012, I attended the “Beauty meets Business Event.” This was my first time attending an event like this and I was not sure what to expect. There were “Great Speakers” that not only motivated you but were relevant to both business and personal lives as well. They had “10 min round table sessions that were great to get more details on each subject. I have never been to an event that had that. Plus the breakfast was delicious! I left that afternoon feeling amazing with great ideas that I can use daily. I look forward to attending the Spring 2013 Event.”

--- Michele Sullivan

President MNSSPA Association

"Beauty Meets Business Fall 2011 Networking Event WAS FANTASTIC. What a refreshing and energetic event. Can't wait for Spring Workshop."

----Lana Todora

(Workshop Participant)

"Beauty Meets Business was a beautiful, engaging event that left me inspired to be more and motivated to do more. Not only did I take away some great tips from the A-Z sessions, but I also put them into action (a weight loss program, started juicing again, and updated some of my cosmetics). The program was packed with great content, but not so tightly scheduled that there wasn't time to connect with other participants (and have some delicious healthy food!) The fun, the food, the fellowship, and the featured speakers all contributed to a morning that refreshed my soul and encouraged me on my journey to become a better me."

-----Diane Windingland, DTM

Professional Speaker/Author

Small Talk, Big Results!

"Dynamic women, useful information!" - --- Theresa Drost - Silvana Jewelry

"Great way to start my Sunday!" --- Gwen Vetter - Love & Life Architects

"I loved everything today! The energy was absolutely amazing!" --- Tonya Jahnke -

Personal Fitness Coach

"Inspired Thinking's Fall Networking and Workshop Event was exhilirating. I took away several beauty, health, wellness, and fashion tips that I can use in my daily life. I left the event feeling rejuvenated, excited, and inspired!" - - - Lori Ziebarth --- Communications Specialist/Marketing & Communications

"My best friend Jill and her daughter Gena shared a great Girls Night Out event. Julie Hill and Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk shared great information on confidence, style, health and career information. Fabulous food for thought and body. If you haven't attended one of these seminars - sign up for the next event. You will LOVE it!"

--- Joan Watson - Past Disrict 6 Governor Toastmasters International

"I liked the informal atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the speakers! Enjoyed it all - Just keep up the wonderful work that you do" --- Joel Williams -- (Workshop Participant)

"The speeches were great! Flatter your figure was the most helpful tip. I like it like it is!"

--- Sharon Solomon (Workshop Participant)

"Good mix of activities - nice environment!" --- Colleen Hamilton -- (Workshop Participant)

"The top ten list of fruits & vegetables was the most helpful - I enjoyed everything!"--- Elsa Soto

(Workshop Participant)

"Thank YOU for the special day! My dad said it was an "empowering" event for women."

--- Diane Windingland, DTM

Professional Speaker/Author

Small Talk, Big Results!

“WOW! – The food was much better than “light” appetizers – fun & varied program! I especially enjoyed the modeling of the outfits! Friendly participants! The tips I found most helpful and/or motivating was Vitalia’s “collage” of difference makers.” -- Diane Windingland, DTM

Professional Speaker/Author

Small Talk, Big Results

Lt. Gov. of Marketing – D6TM

"Excellent speakers and topics. I enjoyed networking and exercises!" - (Workshop Participant)

"Thank you Julie & Vitalia for inviting me to your awesome networking breakfast - you always lift me up and touch my life in such a personal way - I appreciate your friendship and involvement. I leave here inspired and encouraged! Thanks so much!" - Karen Mahaffey (Woskhop Participant)

"Best networking breakfast yet! Loved the personal stories Vitalia! Great enthusiasm Julie! Loved the chocolate covered strawberries!" -- Diane Windingland, DTM

Professional Speaker/Author

Small Talk, Big Results

D6 TM Director