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Gratitude & Goal-setting

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 7:22 PM Comments comments (0)
Gratitude & Goal-setting are 2 of the most important keys for living a successful life!

As one year ends and another begins, I view each year as a chapter in a book, the story of my life.

Each one of us is the author of our own lives.  We make choices that impact the quality of our life. Most people think there are good choices and bad choices.  I believe there are no bad choices, we just make the best decisions we can with the information and skills we have at the time of making those choices.

This new year, I have decided to make some awesome choices!  The choices I will be making will reflect the goals I have set out for myself both personally and professionally - They are choices that will be aligned with my personal beliefs and values and will be life-transforming in terms of achieving all that I desire.

I have decided to live up to my name, "Vitalia" (which means full of life) and have set out to enjoy and live life to the fullest. 

Nothing will distract me from achieving a productive and profitable life. Nothing will distract me from discovering and enjoying a wide array of pleasures in life.

There's no stopping me in 2016 - do you know where you are going?  Do you know what you want out of life?  Go after those goals, pursue your dreams, dare to acquire all you desire!

Have a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!

The New Year is upon us!

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 7:06 PM Comments comments (0)
The New Year is upon us.  We all have another opportunity to start fresh and begin again.

Each new year's week, I find myself in Playa at my timeshare overlooking the ocean reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the new year. 

This past year my first Grandson, Jax , was born.  He has given me such a renewed vision. Each time I hold him or just look at him, I feel rejuvenated and revitalized. This is what new life and new year is all about, the opportunity to begin again. To look at the world with fresh eyes and believe that anything is possible. In 2016 what are your goals? Where do you see yourself personally and professionally? Who inspires you?

Make 2016 the year that you create the life you always dreamed of! Believe anything is possible! Roll up your sleeves and achieve the goals you have set for the new year and get around people who inspire you to be your best self! I wish you success, happiness and peace!

"A new year is a sunrise for the soul." - Unknown


Happy New Year 2015

Posted on January 11, 2015 at 4:11 PM Comments comments (0)
Greetings everyone and Happy New Year!- I hope this new year brings you many blessings and joy and that you are able to maintain FOCUS in achieving your goals.  I like to think of FOCUS as a very helpful acronym to achieving goals:

Find your strengths and talents.
Observe your coaches and mentors.
Challenge yourself to stretch and grow.
Utilize your knowledge, talents, resources, and skills to the fullest extent possible.
Strive to make a difference and don't get easily discouraged.  Stick with it!

Wishing you all a productive and prosperous new year!

Happy New Year 2015

Posted on January 11, 2015 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Happy New Year Everyone! This is the time of the year we get to start new and commit to being our best selves.  It's so important to have our goals in place and the detailed plans on how to make them become a reality.  I am a believer in finding people who inspire you as well as push you to be your best self.  So this year surround yourself with people who uplift you and want the best for you.  I know it sounds simple, so evaluate the people in your life.  If some bring you down let them go with love.  If some are in your life and you know that they will be there for sometime due to work, etc. find ways to spend less time with them and the people who uplift you be around as much as possible.  Here are some pictures from my family holiday get-away....they make my heart dance!

Tis' the Season

Posted on November 9, 2013 at 3:01 PM Comments comments (0)
Seasons' Greetings Everyone!  Each Fall we kick off the season with our annual Inspired Thinking "Beauty Meets Business Workshop & Networking Event!"  Julie and I so look forward to seeing all our family, friends, and fans.  It's always a big celebration, like a friends and family reunion!  So many fabulous women participate in our programs and we continue to foster strong friendships!  (I have added some additional photos form our event--see below)
The autumn season is a time of harvest and a time to give thanks.  We are grateful for our many blessings and wish you all a joyous holiday season!
- Warm regards to all!  - Vitalia

Tis' the Season

Posted on November 9, 2013 at 2:48 PM Comments comments (0)
I am looking out my window into my yard on November 6 ,2013- there is snow. I am not ready for winter yet, but better get ready because here it is! I love this time of year! The holiday season is upon us. My favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both bring family together.  Both help us reflect on our many blessings and how we can help others. This is a great time of year to remember to  “Give Thanks and be Merry.” I have added a few pictures from our “Fall 2013 Beauty meets Business Networking Event” at the North Oaks Country Club.  It was another wonderful get-together - so many dynamic women who both Vitalia and I greatly appreciate and admire. -Happy Holidays!  - Julie
Julie Hill presents mini-workshops: Elegance & Energy!   
Vitalia Pundyk presents mini-workshops: Business Etiquette & Education!                           
Special Guest Speaker World Champion Semi-Finalist Kenny Ray Morgan!

Summer 2013

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 1:29 PM Comments comments (0)
With the summer season upon us I find myself getting excited to get outside and get back to nature. So many fun-filled things to do….. biking, boating, gardening, swimming, over-all-relaxing…. the list goes on. It was great to kick off the season with our 1st Annual “Beauty Meets Business Barbecue & Boat Cruise” on Lake Minnetonka. As you can see by the pictures we had a great time, so many friends and family members attended, it was truly a special event. If there is one thing I would like to share with you for the summer season, it is… Take the time to reconnect with friends and family, just like we did with the boat cruise, you will feel rejuvenated and revitalized. - Julie B. Hill

Summer is a time for many celebrations.  Whether it's Father's day, Weddings, the 4th of July or Graduations, take the time to socialize and attend the special friend and family events. Take some time out even for an extended weekend to go on a vacation. One of the things I enjoy over the summer is to plan my own "Staycation".  A "Staycation" is a great way to treat yourself to a mini-local vacation and take in all the wonderful activities and events your own community has to offer. Enjoy the lakes, the hiking and biking trails, our beautiful parks, museums, and gardens.  If there is one thing I would like to share with you for the summer season, it is....Enjoy and celebrate! - Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk

See Fun "Barbecue and Boat Cruise" pictures! Don't miss the boat! Plan on Joining us next time!  

Happy New Year and welcome to our blog!

Posted on December 30, 2012 at 8:48 PM Comments comments (0)
Greetings everyone and welcome to our blog!

Julie and I are very excited about the new year and were inspired to not only bring you new programs this year, but completely redesign our website, business cards, newsletter, marketing materials, AND venture further out into those murky waters of Social Media!

That's right!  We are designing our first Facebook Fan page for our business Inspired Thinking, LLC    (please check us out and ....LIKE US!)  :-) and have just started to blog with this first post!  Be patient with us--there is sooooo much to learn, but eventually we will figure out how to navigate and hopefully it will be smooth sailing!

We invite you to connect with us individually on Facebook and through Linked In, and look for our upcoming program announcements on our Business Facebook Fan Page here.

Additionally, if you have any questions about Beauty, Fashion, Health, and/or Wellness, please submit those questions to us and we will try to respond to those here.

Whether it's on-line or at one of our live program events, we hope you will participate and join us!

We invite you to imagine...dream...and transform!

Wishing you a great new year filled with Inspired Thinking!