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FOCUS: The #1 Mindfulness Habit to Survive Corona Crisis

Posted on April 13, 2020 at 4:52 PM Comments comments (0)
This new year brought a host of unprecedented health and economic issues that many people were unprepared for and yet, the pandemic we are all experiencing also comes with a host of opportunities that can help us change our personal and professional lives for the better.

Self-quarantines and social distancing have given us “the gift of time” to start making proactive changes in our health, life style, financial planning, and businesses.  This is a time for us to become more productive rather than fall deeper into procrastination.  It is a time for us to make progress and move forward with our goals, rather than become paralyzed and freeze in our own tracks.  We can choose to become our own worst enemies and cripple ourselves into complete fear of not knowing what the future holds, or we can choose to be our own best friends by preparing for the unknown. 

“Focus” is the #1 mindfulness habit that will help you become more proactive on the things in your life that you can and want to change:

Find Your Strengths
Observe your mentors
Challenge yourself to continue to grow and get out of your comfort zone
Utilize all your talents, skills, and resources to the fullest extent possible
Stick with it and strive to make a difference.

Learn from past mistakes.  Forgive yourself and one another.  Follow your destiny.

Ease Your Soul

Posted on April 13, 2020 at 4:47 PM Comments comments (0)
In these challenging times of the Coronavirus, social distancing and quarantining, it is important to find uplifting things that will help ease the soul. Here are a few of the things I have been applying into my daily ritual:

1) I listen to positive pod-casts and have enrolled in on-line self-development programs.

2) Work-out, this is a great way to keep in shape during this #stayhomemn. You will feel better after an intense workout and yes look great as well.

3) Reach out to family and friends, talk about how you are feeling, and encourage open conversation. Many people are feeling very nervous with all the news of the death count, the spread of the virus, and the overall shutdown of the economy.

4) Meditate and practice relaxation techniques. The more you can balance your overall emotions the better.

5) Eat healthy, take vitamins and nutrients. The immune system needs to be at the top of the list along with washing our hands.

This difficult time will pass sometime soon. In the meantime, be good to yourself and to others. I hope one day we all will look back on this “Global Pandemic of 2020” and realize we not only made it through but we are much better people because of it.